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Make Your Math Lessons More Fun!
by Teresa Evans

Looking to make Math more fun?  Teresa Evans produced eight eBooks chock-full of Math games you can print out.  THese include card games, domino games, board games, and lots more.  Buy the book and she throws in Reading Robot (Reading Games) for free.  450 pages of content -- an excellent bragain.  Teresa's site has more information.

How to Make a Difference: Inspiring Students to Do Their Best
by Marjan Glavac

Find out what it takes to become an effective teacher!  Marjan Glavac is a leading inspirational education author.  His book is full of inspiring, classroom-tested techniques that will make you a powerful, effective teacher! Marjan teaches you the secrets to classroom management, suggestions to help you classroom environment that makes students feel special, and he shares the knowledge you need to know become an effective teacher!  Marjan's Website has complete information.
Timesavers for Teachers
by Stevan Krajnjan

Stevan Kranjnan is the author of an eight-book series titled, Timesavers for Techers. He has assembled an anthology of printable forms, worksheets, lesson ideas, management strategies, and ideas to make your classroom run smoothly and efficiently.   Learn about each of his books at the Timesavers for Teachers page.
Guide to Getting the Teaching Job of Your Dreams
by Tim Winterview

There's a lot of competition out there for teaching jobs.  Whether you've been searching for years or just starting your job hunt, this eBook can help you find-- and land-- your dream teaching job.   Guide to Getting the Teaching Job of Your Dreams covers everything from the application process to the final interview.  Learn the 50 Most common interview questions... and find out how to answer them!  It halso has a sample cover letter and resume, interview tips, and lots, lots more.  Tim's Teaching Job Website has complete information about this book.
eTeach: A Teacher Resource for Learning the Strategies of Master Teachers
by Adam Waxler

Adam teachis you how to get complete class participation,  tips for eliminating classroom discipline problems, and how to increase test scores!  Visit Adam's Website for more information.

Amazing Cover Letter Creator
by Jimmy Sweeney

Want your cover letter to stand out among the others?  Check out the Amazing Cover Letter Creator.  With Jimmy Sweeney's cover letter tool, it takes only a few minutes to create powerful, effective letters that will be noticed by principals and human resource administrators.

Click here for to jump to Jimmy's website, where you'll learn all about cover letters and his amazing tool.

Are you looking for a teaching job? These books and resources can help you!