Dreaded Teacher Interview Question:
What are your weaknesses?


This person was at a recent interview and was asked, "What is your greatest weakness as a teacher?"


That's one of the most common interview questions.

The trick to this question is to find some nit-picky little
thing and then turn it around into a strength.

As someone else said, don't tell them your weakness is
classroom management or content knowledge. If you're
applying at an elementary school, don't let your weakness be
Math, Reading, or Writing.

Choose some nit-picky little thing. Tell them about it.
Then, tell them how you've improved!

Sample answer: "I used to have a hard time managing the
time frame of my lessons. Sometimes I wouldn't be finished
by the time the bell rang. Other times, I'd be finished
early. I've gotten much better, though-- I bought a timer
with a quiet beeper on it. I set it to beep 5 minutes
beofre class is over-- it's my 5 minute warning to remind me
to wrap up my lesson. In the event I end a few minutes
early, I have set aside a series of reviews games I can
play with the students until the bell rings."

See-- first, you point out a weakness. It's a weakness
that nobody will care about. Then, you talk about how it's
not really a weakness at all.

It's good to prepare your answer for this question ahead of
time. It's not an easy answer to make up on the spot.

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Best of luck to you.

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