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At last, you're finally done with college and you've got your teaching degree in-hand.  You have completed your student teaching and, maybe you've even been a substitute teacher or teacher's assistant.  But now is the time for you to begin your career as a full-time teacher.

Guide to Getting a Teaching Job is a downloadable eBook that can help you through the job-hunting process.  I am a full-time, veteran teacher who has been on countless teacher interview committees.

I want you to succeed in your job search.  I wrote Guide to Getting a Teaching Job to help make your search for a teaching job easier.  The book was designed to prepare you for every stage of the job hunting process, from writing effective resumes and cover letters to building a teaching portfolio to marketing your teaching skills at interviews.

Inside the eBook
How would you handle these situations?

You've submitted all of the necessary paperwork to the human resources office of several school districts, but you're not getting invited to any interviews.  Why not?
Find out on page 15 and 73 of the book.

You're asked the toughest interview question of all:  What are your weaknesses?  How do you answer this question without seeming like an ineffective teacher?
Discover the answer on page 40.

The principal ends your interviewer by saying, "Do you have any questions for us?"  What types of questions can you ask? 
Learn how to develop appropriate, thoughtful questions on page 63 of the book.

What do you do if you're invited back to teach a sample lesson in front of real students? 
Find out how to prepare on pages 47 and 48.

How can you make yourself seem more experienced (without stretching the truth)?
Page 43 has your answer!

Where do most candidates go wrong in creating their teaching portfolios?
Page 39 has common portfolio blunders!

What education jargon should you recognize and be able to use?
Learn to "talk the talk" on pages 69 and 70.

How do interviewers decide which teachers are a good for their school?
Read the "interview with a teacher interviewer" on page 88.
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Money-Back Guarantee

Since I'm confident that this book can help you land the teaching job you've been dreaming of, I offer a money-back guarantee.

If you buy the book and you're unhappy for any reason, just let me know within 8 weeks and I'll refund your payment.

Low Price

Download Guide to Getting a Teaching Job right now for only $19.95That's not a bad price, especially if it gives you the information you need to find that career-level teaching job that you'll keep until retirement!

Special Price


Best wishes to you on your
search for a teaching job!

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Readers Approve!

I am proud to have received so much positive feedback about the book.  Take a look at the kinds of messages I find in my inbox...


I just wanted to thank you for your positive advice.  I ended up getting a job in a wonderful school whose philosophy reflects my own.  I'm not sure if I would have gotten the position if it weren't for your positive advice ... Again, I appreciate all of your help!

       - Crystal
From a bulletin board forum:

Thank you so much for recommending that ebook (Guide to Getting a Teaching Job).

The interview questions and answers were awesome and I've been looking for this book for a long time.

Thank you!

       - Erin
I would just like to thank you for the ebook you wrote!! I always imagined my first interview being a total disaster, but it went great! I didn't feel nervous at all when I got in there because I felt so prepared!  Michigan's teacher job market is awful right now and I when I saw there was an opening at an amazing district, I was so excited! That's when I found your book and started studying! I ended up getting my dream job! (and on my first try....thanks to you!)....Thank you so much again!! I really recommend that anyone who is going to interview should get this ASAP! It's definitely worth the $20 for a job in the end!

               - Abby
Hi Tim,

I thoroughly enjoyed your book.  It is very informative and full of great advice.  I especially liked the interviews with other teachers at the end of the book.  Great information! . . . Again, I enjoyed your ebook very much and have been using it when putting my resume together and my "flash cards" of interview questions.  I have recommended your website to some student teacher friends and will continue to do so as I have found it to be very worthwhile.

   - Kay
Hi Tim,

Thanks for writing such a useful handbook!!!  I am finding it an invaluable resource in my search for a teaching position.  It is insightful, succinct, and easy to use.  I will refer back to it often. 

   - Jay
Free Preview

Download a free preview of the book.  The preview contains a small part of Chapter 8 (common interview questions and answers for teachers).  Take a look inside to find out if this book will be able to help you in your job search.

To download the free preview, click the link to the right.  The link will open in a new window. 

Free Preview of Chapter 8
Take a look inside the book....
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In this eBook you'll find

  • 50 Common Teacher Interview Questions... and Learn How to Answer Them

  • Find new ways to make your Cover Letter and Resume Stand Out

  • Discover the Worst Things you can Say at a Teacher Interview

  • What to do if you've sent in your application, but you're not getting calls for interviews

  • Best Places in the USA to Find Teaching Jobs

  • How To Find Unadvertised Job Openings

  • DOs and DON'Ts of Education Interviews

  • All about Letters of recommendation
  • Interview tips that will help you present yourself as a dedicated, professional teacher

  • And Lots, Lots More!
ClickBank, a trusted online retailer, sells this product.
Instant Download!

You can download and begin reading Guide to Getting the Teaching Job of Your Dreams instantly!

Just like a traditional book, Guide to Getting a Teaching Job has a table of contents, chapters, and pages.  Print it out on your home printer or read it right from your computer monitor

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