Do I really need a portfolio?


A person has been told she doesn't need a teaching portfolio to get a job in her area.


You can get a job without a portfolio. Chances are, the
interview won't ask for one or expect one. And, yes, it's a
lot of work to put a good portfolio together.

BUT.. if you make a portfolio and know how to USE it
effectively, it can definitely give you an edge and if you
do it right, it can add a great dynamic during the interview.

Now, a good (good, as in USEFUL) portfolio is packed mostly
with sample lesson plans, student work, written copies of
your philosophy, photographs, etc.

Choose to include things you know they'll ask you about.

Example: You're applying for a job as a science teacher.
They ask you, "Give an example of a hands-on, interactive
lesson that you've done with kids."

If you have a portfolio, you can whip out some pictures to
pass around the table while you describe the lesson...or you
might take out a student work sample that you used when
teaching such a lesson. This will SHOW the interviewers
that you're not just hypothetical talk-- it proves that
you've done the things they're looking for. And it's far
more interesting than listening to someone just talk about a

Example 2: You're applying for an elementary education
job. An interviewer asks, "How do you teach writing."

You reach in your portfolio-- pull out some graphic
organizers you've used to teach writing.... you show some
student work samples... show peer editing checklists you've
used. The interviewer thinks, "Wow... s/he's done this
before and knows what he's talking about."

So, in short-- many people don't use a portfolio these
days. You probably don't NEED one. But having a good
portfolio-- and using it-- can make the interview more
interesting and interactive... and it'll act as evidence for
your experiences. I say-- a portfolio is a lot of work, but
worth it.

Here's a good eBook has a chapter on building and using a
teaching portfolio. It also has interview tips and 50
common teacher iterview questions and answers. Maybe it can
help you. The eBook is at:

Best of luck to you!

- Fireboat

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